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            Scope Function Application Parameters video

            The main automation processes include the coil material feeding, mask folding and compression welding, nose bridge strip feeding, mask forming and cutting, ear band feeding, ear band welding, ear band finishing, and finished products stacking etc.

            It applies to the disposable medical masks production.

            ?Using ultrasonic welding masks.

            ?Full automatic to assemble the mask without operators.

            ?It only needs 1~2 operators to load and unload the material.

            ?High working efficiency with UPH 6000pcs/h.

            ?It can connects with the packing line which with the sterilization function.

            ? Outline size: 4280*3500*1800mm? (L*W*H)

            ? Operating mode: 全自动 Fully-automatic

            ? Mask specification175*95mm (L*W)

            ??Design capacity6000pcs/h

            ? Control systemPLC/继电器? PLC/ Relay

            ? Working voltageAC220V? 50/60Hz???

            ? Power: 20KW

            ? N.W1200KG