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            Scope Function Application Parameters video

            This equipment can obtain the reliable, high accuracy, high resolution and high repeatability testing results by using domestic and international well-known brands as the parts, when it is doing the electrical performance ,RF communication, loading test. Meanwhile, it can test four products ?each time and increase the production capacity.




            Apply to the test of electronic feature, RF communication, loading for intelligent lamp.

            This equipment is suitable for? electrical performance ,RF communication, loading test. The equipment? takes the function and RF testing through the outside signal of binding box. The testing fixture can be replaced quickly to apply for other products.


            ? ? ? Outline size: 1300*700*1800(L*W*H )?

            ????? Frequency:50HZ?

            ????? Rated voltage: AC220V

            ? ? ? Equipment weight: 200~300KG

            ????? Air pressure:0.5MPa

            ??????Design capacity: 700PCS/H

            ??????Control system:?Computer+ Instrument