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            Scope Function Application Parameters video

            This automatic production line is developed for the lamp bulb in LED industry.?It adopt to?the segmented linear structure. The front part and back end of the line consists of automatic elevator collocation transmission which make up a chain ring linear vehicle lanes. The middle part uses sophisticated online rotary disk devices, which effectively reduces the footprint and space. Helped by artificial auxiliary implement to realize the high-efficiency semi-automatic production.

            ?This Semi-automatic product line can apply to Lall kinds of LED bulb lamp. The inner structure need to be confirmed according to the products production flow. And the production capacity can be customized based on the customer's demands and products features.

            Production flow

            The carrier lifter up

            Manual install the heatsink

            Manual dispense glue on heatsink

            Manual?install the driver and bulb base

            Auto dispense glue on driver

            Manual install and press the heat sink

            Auto point heat conduction oil

            Manual install the PCB board

            Auto press the heat sink and PCB board

            Auto soldering the soft wire

            The carrier lifter down

            Manual install the power board and bending?the?wire

            Auto pull?the soft?wire

            Auto cut?the soft?wire

            Auto install the lamp cap

            Auto cut?the?soft?wire

            Auto bend?the soft?wire

            Auto install and press the nail

            Auto rivet the lamp cap

            Auto turn over the lamp base by 180 degree

            Auto do the FCT testing?and pick?out the?defective products

            Auto dispense glue on lamp base

            Auto install the bulb shell.?



            ????Outline size:22500*2300*1600 mm(L*W*H )

            ????Rated voltage:AC 220V, 50HZ
            ????Air pressure:0.5-0.7MPA
            ????Screen : ?LED Display Screen
            ????Product scope:A19 bulb lamp
            ????Equipment capacity:About 1000~1500pcs/h
            ????Input device:Mouse, Key
            ????Transmission model:Chain ,Belt , Cylinder
            ????Glue accuracy:±0.2g
            ????Glue bucket specification:2600CC? Standard bucket