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            Scope Function Application Parameters video

            This equipment is semi-automatic. After unloading the products from 1# lamp holder station, the operator press the start button, it will finish the testing and printing the bar-code automatically. The relevant parameters can be set through the human-computer?interface according to the product model to reach the requirements of the products.


            This testing line is custimized for the high level?LED downlight. It mainly test different kinds of parameters for the downlight, to make sure that all the parameters can meet the target values. And this line can be modified to fit for other LED light to realize the same function.



            According to the downlight testing functions, it includes the following stations:

            1.Binding test.?

            2.Optical test.

            3.Development board test.

            4.Reset test.??

            5.Print the two-dimension code.?


            ? ? ? Outline size: 7040*1000*910 mm(L*W*H )
            ? ? ? Equipment weight:About 2500KG
            ? ? ? Rated voltage:AC110V/220V/230V/240V/380V
            ? ? ? Frequency:50HZ/60HZ
            ????? Rated current: 15A
            ? ? ? Product size:¢140*H64(mm)
            ? ? ? Design capacity:About UPH140~180 pcs/h