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            Scope Function Application Parameters video

            The device is customized based on customer's demands and products features. The functions are develped by our R&D team. Leady provides the whole solutions for the customers based on the technical requirements. Also Leady provides the testing?software to test the parameters of the products.


            The equipment?applies to the?telecontroller of led production and testing?equipment.

            The production testing includes the following steps:

            1. Voltage and current test.

            2. UART communication test.

            3. Reset factory settings.

            4. LED color and Voltage test

            5. Battery voltage

            6. RF TX / RX test


            ????Outline size:600*800*1600mm (L*W*H )
            ????Rated power :About 2KW
            ????Rated voltage:AC110V/220V/230V/240V/380V
            ????Design capacity:600pcs/H
            ????Control system : PLC+ human interface