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            Scope Function Application Parameters video

            The total quantity of holder is 128 pcs. There are total two sides with four layers, and each layer has 32 pcs of lamp holders. The distance between of each holder is 160MM*160MM. This device has?added the brake roller at the bottom of the preheater.



            The device applies to do the aging test for downlights. This device has been designed according to customer's technical requirments and production capacity demands. The aging test time can be adjusted. Meanwhile, this device can be modified to fit for other kinds of LED light.

            The main functions as below:
            1.Wide-voltage working mode. Multiple voltage aging test can be customized.
            2.Multi-aging mode, standard low-pressure aging test, normal-pressure aging test, high-voltage aging test, impact aging test, impulse aging.
            3. The testing time can be set based on different demands.
            4.With the touch screen and manual interface to realize the simple operation.


            ????? Outline size: 2150*800*1800mm (L*W*H )
            ????? Equipment weight:About 240KG
            ? ? ? Rated power :About 1.5KW
            ? ? ? Rated voltage:AC110V/220V/230V/240V/380V
            ????? Frequency:50HZ/60HZ
            ?? ? ?Feeding model:Manual feeding and unloading
            ????? Downlight max diameter:180mm
            ????? Layers:?four
            ????? Max aging quantity:126pcs, it can be customized
            ????? Control:PLC Control + Touch screen human interface
            ? ? ? Rack material:Aluminiun,two sides?both open the door(cut power after opening door)