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            With the?widely using?of the LED lights. Lots of LED?manufacturers need to?improve the working efficiency to meet the market purchasing demands.?The up and down baking machine is used to make the T8/T5 LED lamp tube drying in a short time, to improve the production capacity and working efficiency.

            This device mainly applies to?T8/T5 LED lamp tube. The production capacity can be designed to fit for the whole production line capacity.


            Manual load and unload.
            The cycle time is about 10 mins.
            The design capacity is about 1200pcs/h. The design capacity can be adjusted according to the customer's production efficiency.
            Easy to operate and maintance.
            With two operators to finish the load and unload process.


            ? ? ? Outline size: 9500*1500*1650 mm(L*W*H )
            ? ? ? Equipment weight:500KG
            ? ? ? Rated power :10KW
            ? ? ? Frequency:50HZ
            ?? ? ?Rated voltage:AC220V
            ? ? ? Air pressure:0.5~0.7MPA
            ?? ? ?Design capacity:1200PCS/H
            ? ? ? Control system : PLC+ human interface