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            Scope Function Application Parameters video
            This device has been developed according to the customer's technical requirments and products features. It mainly used to test the?WIFI connect function for the LED bulbs. The fixture can be replaced to fix for different kinds of LED lamp bulbs.

            The device applies to do the Wifi testing for all intelligent bulb lamp. Such as G10/A60/BR30/TD60 etc.

            The Wifi signal in screening box can't be disturbed by outside Wifi.
            The operator should stand up during operate the device. There are lifter in the front and back of the line. The working height is about 850~900mm.
            During the test, the operator can see the light changes in the shielding box.
            he average power of each product is 15W. The voltage is 110V. Full load the product in this device.
            There are Router, Communication module, the external display are connected with the VGA, the USB, the network, the 220V power connector (input ?and output) in the screening box.


            ? ? ? Outline size : 5000*1500*1600 mm (L*W*H )
            ? ? ? Voltage can be adjusted:0~380V;
            ? ? ? Rated power :About 15KW
            ? ? ? Voltage:AC110V/220V/230V/240V/380V
            ????? Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
            ?? ? ?Each board can put 80 pcs of products?