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            Scope Function Application Parameters video

            This device has been developed based on the customer's requirements and product features. The operator loads the products into the fixture, and then through the special software to burn the program into the products. Each product will have a special code to recoginze the ID, to make sure every products is unique.


            The equipment applies to burn the program into the PCB board. The PCB board can be used in LED industry, electronical product industry etc.

            The main functions as below:

            Rapidly remove the programming PCB board.

            Automatically control the Pin needle turn-on with high precision and high efficiency.

            Using the Windows computer control system, it includes the computer monitor, mouse, keyboard shortcut operation etc.?

            Each fixture can load two pcs of products to improve production capacity.


            ? ? ? ? Outline size : 700*700*1600 mm(L*W*H )
            ? ? ? ? Equipment weight:80KG
            ? ? ? ? Air pressure:0.4-0.6MPA?
            ??????? Rated power :0.6KW
            ? ? ? ? Working voltage:AC, DC can be set
            ? ? ? ? Feeding model:Manual feeding and unloading
            ??????? Number of single test products:2pcs
            ??????? Fixture material:Main is bikelite, others is?? antistatic material.