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            Scope Function Application Parameters video

            Test fixture to the use of cylinder automatic pressing, convenient access to the product to be tested, the test interface display test process, test results, Ichiban number of defective products, the total number of test data and qualified rate parameters, product pass, fail, respectively by the green and red icon display, convenient for operating personnel to judge. All testing data system will automatically in accordance with the day, week and year to establish different files saved to the hard disk of the computer or transmitted to the specified server, convenient personnel on the test data of the corresponding statistical, analysis. The replacement fixture only need to disconnect the connector into the new fixture existing fixture.




            1. Test the hardware equipment of the system mainly in the computer industry, DIO card, AC power supply, DC supply, oscilloscope, tachometer, multimeter and for customized products FCT test fixture, etc..
            2. System software through the GPIB/RS232 to control the external device voltage and current setting and data read.
            3. Different series of products with the corresponding test fixture.
            4. Support for different types of products to switch between test.
            5. All data system (including the good products and defective products) will automatically according to the day, week and year to establish different files stored in the computer hard disk or sent to the specified server and related personnel can be the corresponding statistical analysis to the test data.
            6. Operator operation is simple, PASS products are displayed on the green icon, FAIL's products show the red icon;
            7. Set user management authority, the use of password control.

            LED Industry & Power




            ?????Test interface: simple, easy to operate.
            ?????Test items : edited.
            ?????Test SPEC: edited.
            ?????System: Supports automatic and single step test .
            ?????System :? program supports to run or stop .
            ?????Test data: OEM (.Csv,.Txt, etc.).
            ?????Support: test data statistics.
            ?????Support: SN input and SN length .
            ?????Supports: all test data to save.